About us


Providing parents and educators with self care resources, mindfulness activities and techniques they can practice on individually and with your children on routine basis at home and in school. We strive to create a world where practicing mindfulness comes naturally. We desire a world where children grow into adulthood with healthy habits and coping mechanisms that benefit them in every area of their life





Self Care

Practicing a daily self care routine is the first step.

Before introducing your children to the provided resources and techniques, we want to stress the importance of this first step. That’s why we provide parents, caretakers and educators with valuable self care techniques for absolutely free.

We understand how busy it is running errands, carpooling the kids to activities etc. Which is why our self care resources are quick and provide you with everything you need to feel the love you deserve before you tend to your little ones.

Our mindfulness activities for children are specifically designed to help children become more empathetic and compassionate human beings.